Credit Card Scammers

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


April 15  

There is a company who keeps calling – they use a 506 area code but the number that shows up in your caller ID has too many digits – it is not a real number and you can not call it back and they never ever leave a message.

One day they called me 3-4 times in an hour then they went away for months- but they come back – like today.

I once answered to try to find out who they were. After asking a few times for the company name – I got words along the line of “card services.” If you press on with your questions you get “we can help you with your credit card.” If you ask which card; they say all of them [?] When someone calls me and I have to ask questions about why they are calling – I am suspicious.

And if you continue to question them – guess what happens? Yup – they hang up on you 😀

They have to be a scam – so if you see area code 506 followed by 229 or 224 or 222 do not bother answering.

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