29 years ago today….

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July 15  

My son was born – in Boston, Massachusetts…..now I live in Oregon and he lives in Illinois….with more than a few stops for each of us in those 29 years….

But today we are in Portland and I had brunch with that now 29-year-old… it’s been 2 years in a row that I have seen him on his birthday – that after years of not seeing him in July as we were on very different schedules…

He, his significant other, and I had a tasty meal and chatted for hours….he is out here helping her pack up as she is moving to Chicago with him…

And he still thinks it’s funny that I again said that I can’t believe he is 29 as I have not aged 29 years since July 15, 1978 –
[I have said this for many of his birthdays – changing only the number : – )]

I am not alone in this thinking – I’ve met other mothers who say the same or very similar things – we all recall the births of our children as if they were recent….so we can’t have really aged as many years as our children…can we?

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