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August 24  

In this and other countries we tend to have an obsession with “youth” – especially for females.

Older men are seen as sexy, vibrant, etc. Older women are fired from jobs, traded in for trophy wives, etc. and so have become the targets of all the “get younger” sales pitches.

The companies selling the look young and get young products are preying on the fears of women. Yes there are hair dyes for men saying look younger, but I do not see the plethora of ads I see pitched to women.

Maybe it will take a few more generations of older women for the media to catch on that you can’t go backwards no matter how much you might want to. And maybe that same media will lose it’s nonsensical idea that only young women can be seen on major TV shows and the alleged “news.” [I call it the alleged news now as it’s all infotainment.]

Today I was reading about products for sale that make you “lose years,” “stop aging,” “reverse your aging, ” etc. as if all we needed to do was pop a pill or wipe on some magic lotion and we’d be 21 again:-)

Sorry to say but the only way I know we can stop aging is to die…the rest is about taking care of the body you live in so you get older and stay in good shape…

There is no magic cure for turning back the clock – but there are products that can keep us looking good and feeling good at the age we are! I jokingly say I am over 65 going on 45….but that’s because I am so active and believe I am in good shape. But everyone knows it’s a joke.

I am over 65 and a lot closer to 70 now than to 65…I don’t always like that fact, as you know, but that’s tough 🙂 I am the age I am…no matter what I put on my skin it can only look better – it does not not get younger…no matter what vitamins and supplements I take, they only keep me feeling good…they can not make me 45 again!

And yes I color my hair, and have done so for decades, since I am vain enough to not like the washed out look of gray at my temples..but that only helps me psychologically – it does not make me “young.”

We can’t grow younger better – we can only grow older better…so take care of your body no matter what age you are now – so it can be in the best shape it can be as you age….

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