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October 31  

Our lifespans have increased and our health is better. So do we continue to “retire” at 65? 70?
Or will we take on newer careers at those ages?

The median annual income for older women [ 65 and up] is a few thousand dollars over the definition of poverty level. And although we worked hard at women’s equality – we are not equal financially. Our income at over 65 is about half of that of a male.

So it makes economic sense for women to keep working. I’ll always work – but it will not ever be 9 to 5. I’ve tried that a few times and it doesn’t fit my psyche :- ). I’ve changed careers many times…when I was 50 I went to law school and my son, who was then 11, wrote an essay about me that ended with “My mom is 50 and she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up.” His mom is almost 67 and still wonders what she’ll be when she grows up….I love reading and learning – but
for now I’m content to do it on my own without collecting any more degrees….

I’m more into degree-less work now….It its my growing older better psyche : -)

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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.