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When Am I a Grown Up?

5 reasons

I've been thinking about all of us who are growing older better and I've put together a report here where you can get information about what you can do with your life “when you're a grown-up.”

[You can also click on the image above to get the report.] 

What about you? It doesn't matter how old you are now or what your definition of grown up is - you can still do things now in preparation for that time in the future or just do them now because you really want to.

People are working well past retirement. They maybe stay at the job they have and like or are moving into new careers.

What's the point of retiring at 65 or 70 if you're doing something you like?

I am now 75+ and I'm still excited about all the things
I can do when I am a grown-up.

Why even think of retirement?

Retirement to me is when you finally leave a job that you probably didn't like that much. Or a job where you got told you could not stay past 65 or 70 because there was a rule, or there was no longer a need for your position. Or worse - that the company found somebody younger who they could pay less.

You still have a brain.
You still have a healthy body.
You still have a lot to give the world.
You still have a lot to give yourself.

SOOOOOO - there's no time like the present to start thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow, or maybe 30 years from now, or maybe next week, or next month, etc.

We don't have to decide when we are all grown up, but if there something you wanted really really do with your life start – you can start planning for it now!

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