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January 2  

I had a good friend, sadly one who died 2 years ago, who would say she was having "one of those fat and ugly" days.  She was neither fat nor ugly – but I knew what she meant – [after all we were both psychologists.]

Thought of her the other day – probably as I have an old medicine bottle she once gave me and I was dusting it…

For old medicine bottlethose who like old bottles – here are two photos:  It was from a physician's home/office on Beacon Street in Boston.



It's 2010 – a new year, a new decade and the year I turn 70.  Lately I've begun to think I am having some of those "fat and ugly" days;  but sometimes mine feel more like "old and cranky." 

The time period between Thanksgiving and my birthday is always a not-so-good-time for me as it's usually cold, dark, wet or snowy [or all of the above] depending on where I have lived.  And it's a time for self-reflecting for all sorts of reasons – new year, new age, holidays, etc.

With several friends having died in the last few years, I have that mixed brain of being glad I am still here and then quickly wondering if I'll ever finish all the projects I started in the last few years.

This is one of those paradoxes of human development.  Being happy and sad at the same moment for the very same reason.

But then Janus – for whom January is named – looked forward and backwards at the same time so I guess I can do that too.  Sad about who died and what did not get done; happy that I am still here and able to write.

Happy 2010!!

P.S. The parenting e-book is nearing completion and yes I did start the e-book on aging. 

[I was told a second e-book is quicker to do than the first so the aging book should be a piece of cake so to speak.]




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