The End of the Snow and the Beginning of New Ideas

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


December 28  

What an unbelievable week. From feet of snow and ice – burst pipes in homes and moorages [my moorage included ] to pot luck dinners with friends, from hard to navigate roads to: TA DA – a night of warm rain and now no snow in sight! It went away that fast….

Even the spring bulbs that had started growing in our warm Fall are perky and green – that after being covered with ice and snow for the week. Now we do the fixing up and I have figured out how to replumb the kitchen without pulling up a floor board or 2 or 3 which would have to await warm weather. Got the idea from a neighbor – the crawl space between roof and ceiling!

It’s hard to think outside a box and in this case the box is that most have homes here have the plumbing under the floors and therefore close to the river. It took a mention of pipes in the “attic” to joggle my brain…and it’s not age related at all….it’s that we think first along lines similar to what we see on a daily basis or along familiar thought patterns.

The message is that we need to let the imagination run free and imagine what can be – not what is….it’s something I think we all need more practice doing….

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