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Scam alert!

I haven't posted about email scams in a while so it's time for an update.

The scammers are increasing their "volume" by saying  that they "know" you have been dealing with x, y and z [named persons] and you have to stop!  They are also using Barrister and Esq. in their names so you might think they are really lawyers.

Why do they do this? Most people get anxious when they get mail from attorneys.. [I have a law degree and I hate getting mail from legal entities.]

BUT – remember these scammers DO NOT KNOW YOU!

They are making idle threats to scare you into contacting them…

As the economy stays stagnant and people are out of work and hoping for a solution to money woes – a promise of inheriting millions that "someone" left to you has appeal.

But ask yourself – if they were legitimate wouldn't they know how to reach you via "real" mail and not be using email? and email that is not sent to your actual name.

If you have friends or family who you think might actually believe these emails – please pass this post along to them.

The reason we all keep getting this kind of email is that people actually DO fall for the scam because if not one did – they would stop!