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Rocking on the River!

karaoke from hell


A friend had a 60th birthday bash for her hubby and our moorage plus were invited.

A group called Karaoke From Hell played for 6 [or more hours] while we partied late into the evening…

And in case you are wondering:

  • No – we never fall in the river at parties
  • No – we don't do this kind of partying very often

The band set up on one deck and the food, liquids, chairs and tables were set up across what we call our lagoon or backyard.

We have frequent potlucks and parties in the neighborhood but this bash outdid all of those and will go down in the annals of Bridgeton lore.

Enjoy the movie:  see my neighbors, friends and moorage and rock to the music!

PS – my house can be seen at about 1:14 into the clip

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