Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


December 14  

Watching the dogs and cats in our moorage I came to a conclusion that dogs walk the middle while cats live on the edge.

The dogs here all walk up the ramp or on the decks staying pretty centered..except that when the ramp is slippery mine uses the footholds nearer an edge…

But the cats? They walk on the very edge of the decks, the ramp and the railings….some, including mine, walk on the tubing that carry the utility wires and water to the moorage. Cats are not supposed to like water so why do they tempt fate by staying so close to edges that any off balance move has a good chance of sending them into the Columbia River?

We know they can all swim as all have come home at times head-to-paws soaking wet – but they came home :D.

Is it the nine lives and curiosity thing? Or are cats just more willing to live lives on the edges?

Thoughts to contemplate while we get snowed and iced in this week…right now the snow is coming down sideways…..it’s that windy….next comes the sub-freezing temps making the decks a tad bit tricky – especially when the ice forms on one side and it tips…

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