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Pet Food again

Many of us have pets so I will post the most recent news about the bad pet food – and hope all your pets are fine…

A few additional foods are being recalled; lawsuits are springing up and people are worried with good reason.

It seems that the wheat gluten in the dog food contained melamine…used in making plastic!

An aside here – plastic is becoming more well known as a major source of “much badness.” In San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors approved legislation this past Tuesday “to outlaw plastic checkout bags at large supermarkets in about six months and large chain pharmacies in about a year.”
Full article HERE.

HERE is a CNN article about recent recalls and if you are in Oregon, HERE is a link to a local article that includes Oregon and FDA links for more information.

Some news sources suggest checking your dry pet food for what gluten – I just did and feel a lot better – none there!