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December 9  

Many of us said we’d pay for our warm dry Fall… And yup – the payment is coming due this weekend. Sub freezing temps and possible snow – we may not get above freezing for several days. It’s nearing the 5th anniversary of my moving into this house and the weather is duplicating that which we had 5 years ago! So I can reframe this as a 5th house anniversary gift from the weather makers 😀

Spent the day moving my plants nearer to the house and grouped so they are easier to put a tarp over – and the poor plants like my nasturtiums which grew back may not make it…unless I find room inside to bring them in.

The weather here is so temperate that many of my houseplants have gotten so huge living outside most of the year that moving them in and out during very cold spells is no longer possible – I just do not have the space for them anymore.

And of course the tasks that “should-have-been-done” when it was nice out are not done…but if they were – well then that would not be me.

Reminds me of what my son said once when visiting me here – “it’s neater than I thought it would be.” I replied that someday it will be neat and spotless and he’d be surprised…

“But,” he laughed, “then you wouldn’t be my mommy.”

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