Musings upon hitting the big seven-zero [70]

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March 16  

I muse and I also just turned 70 – so this is a new [and very strange] topic for my musings….

1 –  70 is an age I never thought about when I was “younger” because it seemed so “old.”  But then when I was in my 20’s I used to think 30 was old.  The mantra of the time being “don’t trust anyone over 30.”

2 – Being 70 is still an odd thought.  I’ve been 70 for almost 2 months and I still feel strange about it and I’m not sure why; me, the developmental psychologist, who has been teaching about the lifespan since the 1970’s.

3 – I’m still too new at this age to have deeper thoughts about MY being 70 – I can tell you more about those other persons who are 70 than I can tell you about myself.

4 – I do wake up each day with the thought that I am 70 but happy I am still here and am very healthy.  I don’t remember having these kinds of thoughts when I turned 50 or 60.

5 – I often stand at the mirror and see my various ages flying by – but then I’m very imaginative and do a lot work with photographs so I have 70 years of me available for viewing.

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