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May 5  

If you have been a regular reader you know that I am not a great believer in most medications. [FYI – I take a synthetic thyroid pill as I had my thyroid nuked in the late 80’s but that is it for meds ]

Why do I not like meds? Probably because I see the big pharmas pushing them at everyone all day/every day. The TV shows I watch seem to have nothing but medication ads…..or so it seems : – 0

Maybe because I understand that most medications are getting their final round of testing on us – the public – and that many aimed at children are never tested on children….

Maybe it’s because there is a almost regular study showing that “oops- there is a problem” or “uh-oh – don’t take XYZ anymore!”

The latest “oops” is about a drug type aimed at preventing bone loss or osteoporosis. Seems the drug class [biphosphonates] increases the risk of serious heart rhythm abnormalities.

The researchers say the overall risk is small…but if it were me – I’d find out if I were in that risk pool….

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