Medicare part D[umb] and the R’s

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


April 16  

At last we have a Congress willing to look at the give aways to the big pharmas in the Medicare part D legislation – but the Republicans think it’s just working fine…

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans appear determined to block legislation letting the government negotiate directly with drug companies for lower drug prices under Medicare, the latest obstacle for a proposal Democrats once trumpeted as a surefire money-saver.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the GOP leader, said Monday that many members of his rank and file believe the new Medicare prescription drug program is “working beautifully, with remarkable coverage,” and doesn’t need fixing

I don’t know about you – but drug prices are so high that most I know on Medicare hit the donut hole and had to pay full price for a while – and at the same time they had to continue paying for the privilege on paying… and the R’s – who get great coverage in their plans – think this is working well. Sometimes I do wish that everyone in congress had to live on minimum wage and go without health insurance so they could see what it is like. They complain about the high cost of living in D.C. and surrounds. Well – 500,000 people live there and quite a few do not make the same salary as Congresspeople.

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