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March 3  

Since living out West – it’s hard to gauge the adage: In like a lion; out like a lamb for March.

We had such lamb weather to end February – that the March “lion” only feels cold in comparison.

Trees are beginning to get leaves; my bulbs are blooming and we were all in short sleeves the other day. Today tho is back to heavier sweat shirts and warmer socks : – )

When I was a kid I loved winter, snow and cold. As I got older and had to shovel walks and paths and heat my houses – I began to have a very different take on winter. And living in Vermont for several years sort of filled any desire I ever ever had to have snow around me for long periods of time. It’s not just my aging – there are many older than I in northern New England who still shovel all that snow and love the cold.

I have quite readily adapted to a very different climate. Granted I am beginning to dislike the cool damper days – that sort of cold feels colder than the 25 below back east…..but like March lions and lambs, those cool damp days go away…and we get sun and a pretty dry summer.

So here’s to March – lions, lambs and all

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