It’s October Again

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October 18  

Last year I wrote about the sort-of-meaning of Octobers in my life.

I still have not come up with a good reason for my mental affair with this month 🙂 but it’s happening again.

It’s been a pleasant month here [not much rain], the temperatures are mild and I am loving this October….

We in the United States are also into the last weeks of what has been a very long election season [season equaling years it seems] and I have been busy doing lots of campaign activities.

For whatever the reasons – be they real, imagined, political, friends, or family, my optimism about life is quite high and so is my energy. I am feeling great and I want to keep feeling this way forever…[well – I’d go along with an increase in this great feeling…]

Just as I said last year about that being my best October – I’m now betting that this is my best October – and November and December and on into 2009!

Isn’t it a great internal smile when you know that life is just going to keep getting better and better? Maybe that’s why I called this blog grow older better. Names or titles just pop into my head from my unconscious – and over the decades I’ve learned to trust my unconscious [After all – I am an Aquarian :-)]. So even when some said but grow older better is not grammatical – I liked it… And now it seems even more appropriate as I age and grow older better – and better, etc.

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