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I’m back to blogging

Don’t usually have jet lag flying West but this time I did…so it must be “a factor of old age ” ๐Ÿ™‚

Made me think about just how much normal stuff we assign to “old age” when it happens to older people…like my jet lag..

But I had no lag flying East – so does that mean that as we age the direction of the jet lag changes?

When you ask it that way the whole concept sounds silly. There are many reasons I was thrown off a West Coast schedule after getting home – such as getting busier with my business…

Why are we as a culture so much more apt to throw negative connotations out about older persons when the same behavior is acceptable or ignored for one who is younger?

More on the fat loss product tomorrow – but in short – it works! In one week I lost 2 waist inches….YEA