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How does your unconscious “talk” to you? Mine sings!

Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action. They must be woven together.    Anais Nin
Yes our dreams are important – and for many reasons – including that they can help us compose our lives. We are often able to use our dreams in figuring out what is going on in our unconscious and then using that information to find the best ways, for each of us individually, to get our lives on OUR track.

But what do you do if you can’t remember your dreams? How can you reach into your unconscious for those messages?

We all dream, but many of us do not remember them after we wake up. Are there others ways we can learn what our unconsciousness has to tell us?

Yes. The “size” of our unconscious is not known and so it is safe to say that probably not all of it appears to us nightly. Nor are dreams the only pathways that the unconscious uses. 

Dreams are the popular topic because they are the path that most of us know and understand and about which we seem to be the most curious. But the unconscious uses many methods to make itself conscious. And by learning about the other paths and paying attention to them – we can expand our knowledge of ourselves and of our unconscious.

Some of these other ways are:
  • daydreams
  • self-talk
  • free association
  • meditation
  • songs
Daydreams, self-talk, and free association are methods we can intentionally choose as ways to let our unconscious wander into consciousness. As we are awake, we can track the thoughts, write them down and contemplate where they are taking us and what they might mean.

Meditation is a path where we are usually asked to banish active thoughts. Yet some find that when they meditate they prefer to stay with what becomes conscious and follow those thoughts.

And songs. Yes, your unconscious sings to you. It can take some figuring out about how to use this path; but it can be a fun way to learn what is going on at the unconscious level.  

Snippets of songs come into your mind; tunes can appear with no words; or words can appear with no tunes. But you know all this material is from songs.

In this day of the Internet it is easy to find the lyrics and the melody. Then, like doing a puzzle or figuring out your dreams, you sit with the information and follow this thread of your unconscious and weave it into your conscious life.

Delving into one’s unconscious can be fun – whichever path works for you. 

It could be beneficial to try several of the paths, as there is no one “correct” way to contemplate what your brain has in its storage.

What path[s] does your unconscious take?

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    Wondering if I need uncover some consciousness before going after my unconscious. Keep losing things this week. 🙂

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