Hmmm…why are the over 65 people seen as targets?

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June 18  

Here’s another scam that does not surprise me. Anytime the bottom line is more important than people – you get abuses…be it people food, pet food, medications or health care and insurance…

And remember that United Health is the one that pays AARP to use the AARP endorsement.. I find that offensive! Yes it’s called a contract between them but for me what is means is that United Health is given free access to the AARP data base. and they are not the least expensive at all – they just like you to think they are – and to make you think that if you are an AARP member you are getting a “deal.” I at first signed on with them when I was 65 and my “guaranteed” rate for a year went up after 6 months – so I found other insurance…..and got a very rude call from UnitedHealth….

Humana, UnitedHealth Suspend Some Health Plans After Complaints

By Aliza Marcus

June 16 (Bloomberg) — Humana Inc., UnitedHealth Group Inc. and five other U.S. health insurance companies agreed to stop selling a type of government-funded plan for the elderly in response to complaints that sales agents forged signatures and enrolled dead people.

The seven companies are working on new marketing guidelines with the U.S. Medicare health insurance program for the elderly and disabled. The voluntary sales suspension will end as each company adopts the guidelines, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said yesterday.

Full article HERE

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