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January 23  

Another of those “beware what you put in your body ” warnings..

Now we learn from a Canadian study that antidepressants double the risk of bone fracture…in whom? people over 50!

I can’t find all the statistics but every older person I know was put on an antidepressant for some reason. I’m thinking back to when my own mother broke her hip and in the rehab center the aide kept trying to get her to take her “happy pills.” My mom, not being stupid, asked if it was an antidepressant and was told it why call it a happy pill? It was not making my mother happy that they tricked her into it as “one of the meds she was supposed to take.”

She refused to take that pill…now I wonder how many older people with broken body parts are regularly given antidepressants? and what is it doing to the healing of the recently broken bones and what future jeopardy are these already vulnerable seniors exposed to?

When will the medical profession, the hospitals, the rehab centers, and nursing homes learn to respect older people and stop medicating them for what seems to be the benefit of the staff – not the patient..

So beware of who is asking yo to take what meds these days…Ask what the long term consequences are and exactly why a certain drug is being prescribed.

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