Happy December


December 1, 2008 in 

The calendar tells me today is December 1! The weather out there tells me is Spring…My bulbs are starting to grow and if the warm weather remains I will soon have narcissus, crocuses and hyacinths… It’s happened before – even back in New England so it’s not a big surprise. Bulbs survive the cold/warm weather oddities but I think this year I will dig out a few and bring them in the house and see what happens.

Just wish my dog’s hair would stop adapting so well 🙂 He’s a malamute and when it gets cold he gets a winer coat and when it warms up – he sheds the winter coat…So imagine my house – a layer of undercoat on the floor. I vacuum 2x a day when he’s in but as I work at home and it’s not raining he stays out a lot. He does not like rain – 25 below zero and/or snow is cool with him but rain? Nah! He becomes a couch potato. And he gets brushed daily as well…he’s a full time job these days 🙂

Here he is the other day – note tufts around neck.

As humans we can adapt too….layer your clothing and just enjoy whatever weather your part of the world is having…it will change – that’s a given!

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