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May 7  

I hate to keep posting about scams but I do keep hearing about older people getting taken in by them

If you collect Social Security you got a letter from them saying you will get your one time payment this month. That’s good altho it’s not a major amount. But the scammers know you got that letter as well and so they have reduced the amount they are asking when you get teh emails about the money they are holding for you.

My recent emails all ask for “only $99” to get that 1.5 gazillion 😀 some bank somewhere is holding for me.

And I expect you will start getting emails from those offering to “help” you get your $250 quicker! Or offering you a loan of $250 until you receive your money!

PLEASE do not contact these persons…..if you have your Social Security check automatically deposited – that’s where this check will go! If you get your check mailed to you – this check will also be mailed to you. And I would guess that any loan you agree to will come with usurious high interest rates so that your $250 will not even make a dent in what you’ll owe back in a few weeks.

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