Best Network Marketing Businesses For Seniors? 3 criteria for you to contemplate

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August 25  

The myth of seniors sitting at home in their rocking chairs is rapidly dissipating, as more and more seniors are becoming entrepreneurs.

Today’s 60 or 65-year-old is not ready to “retire.” And it looks like the 65, 70, [or even 75 and older] are not retiring either – instead many are becoming entrepreneurs. No sitting at home for these active minds!

We know that staying active and challenging one’s mind with new tasks are ways to stay healthy as we age. What better way than to join a network marketing business where you are the CEO – a sure way to keep the brain cells active!

How do you decide which MLM or network marketing company to join and work with? [MLM and network marketing are used interchangeably to describe the same business model.]

There are 3 important criteria:

  • You must love and use the products.
  • You must like and enjoy being with the people in your network: locally, nationally and worldwide.
  • There must be a good compensation plan.
1- Loving and using the products.

When looking at a company you may want to try the products as a consumer before joining as an associate and make sure you love them. Or – you can skip this step if know and trust the person telling you about them – and you know that person uses the products.

This knowing and trusting leads into the 2nd criteria:

2- Liking and enjoying the others in your network. 

Network marketing is a social activity. You have to talk with people and so it keeps one engaged socially as one ages. But it is best for your personal aging if you really enjoy spending time with those in your chosen company.

Attend a few local meetings about the company and the products to see how much you enjoy chatting with and learning from those in the room. If you do join, you too will bring people to meetings like this and many will become your good friends – so this is an important criteria.

3 – Make sure the compensation plan is a good one. 

If you are going to put in your valuable time and energy – make sure you are well paid for your efforts. 

There are so many variations on compensation plans; you will have to compare one with another and decide what works for you. Often independent sources rate MLM plans and you can look up that information online.

Extra caveats:

Don’t fall for the “make money fast” or “get in at the beginning.” Network marketing takes work and a good company will be around for a long time so it will not matter when you join.

There are more criteria one can look at and I invite you to sign up for emails to learn more about network marketing and how it might be a good fit for you and your aging.
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