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Januarys, Birthdays, and A Little Rant


Is it because it is January?

Or is it because my birthday is this month?


Every January, I get a five dollar coupon for a local restaurant that has good food.

But I also get mail from a company that wants to sell me cremation services.

Next up, I know I will get the annual blurb from my Medicare advantage program with all the nonsense about how to take care of my aging body.

I gather they send this to everyone as if we are all the same because we happen to be over 65.

It is usually chock full with good information like making sure your floors do not have any clutter on them.

Well, duh! What happens when you have young cats, a puppy, and are a genetic-clutter person?

They also tell me to be concerned if I get depressed and give me a telephone number to call – because we all know that anybody over 65 is bound to get depressed.

Wish instead they offered advice on safety guides for riding your bike when you’re getting older, or a class for making sure you know what you’re doing when you’re skiing, or maybe how to go kayaking or running or something like that – instead of telling me to put bars in my bathroom and be sure to clear my floor.

Maybe if they offered advice about going out and being active and being social they wouldn’t have to worry so much about those grab bars in your bathroom and depression.

And yes I do know about depression, which is why I feel like and say something here. But depression can strike at any age and there are ways to avoid being depressed and two of them are by being active and being social.

That’s why I write this blog, because I know that people over 60, over 65, and over 70 aren’t all sitting home worrying about putting putting grip bars and stuff in their bathrooms or cleaning floors.

They are doing something else with their lives!

Thoughts? Comments?

Thank you.

There’s Something About Portland [Oregon]


10 years ago I bought a house, actually a floating home, in Portland Oregon.


At the time when I was told things would need replacing or work would need to be done in 10 years, and I thought to myself:

“Who cares, I won’t be here.”

FYI – I never stay anyplace more than seven or eight years.”

Well – here we are 10 years later and I am still in that very same house. In fact this is the longest I have stayed put in one house since I moved away from New York City – and that’s 50 years of moving!

There is obviously something about Portland that has kept me here. I had to stop and think about it and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s

  • my neighbors
  • my house
  • the river
  • the city itself
  • the friends I’ve made here
  • the love of beer wine and dogs
  • and lots more

And another thing I do think about as I have aged 10 years since I’ve lived here – is that I feel safe. Moorages are pretty safe, there’s people around most of the time and it’s just a friendly, neighborly situation where we all watch out for each other – so it’s a very safe place to grow old[er.]

The downside, though, of staying put for these 10 years, is that those things that I was told would need fixing – now need fixing.

When you move every seven or eight years, you don’t have to deal with a lot of repairs on houses, new appliances, or other things that might need being done. You go out and buy another house that meets your new requirements.

Well here I am, and I guess it’s time to start remodeling this house,

because frankly – I really don’t feel like moving again.


Thoughts? Comments?

Thank you!

Keeping The Brain Sharp As We Age

puzzles and brainsDoing puzzles has been seen as an activity to keep our brains sharp – but a new study shows that puzzles might be enough.

Listening to classical music and doing crosswords is not enough for the over 60s to stay sharp and they must learn new skills, a study found.

Instead people should be doing a course to learn something new, such as digital photography or quilting, to improve their long term memories.

As a crossword puzzle addict since I was a preteen, and a jigsaw addict since I don’t know when, I will never give them up as I feel they keep me sharp. But I do understand the research. Puzzles, at least for me, are not novel….I have gotten really good at guessing what words are the answers or what pieces go where…so they aren’t really taxing my brain – but I do feel they are useful for something.

Yet I also keep learning new things – so maybe my brain is working hard from all that.  I take online courses, learn new technology,  and try new ways of doing old things like my photography.

For the upcoming year, I am creating online courses and will let you know about those and about courses others have created….

Here’s to our brains increasing in 2014!


onward to 2014

Work Til You Die?

work til you dieA survey about retirement showed that:

Nearly one-third, or 30%, now plan to work until they are 80 or older — up from 25% a year ago, according to a Wells Fargo survey of 1,000 adults with income less than $100,000.

Overall, 70% of respondents plan to work during retirement, many of whom plan to do so because they simply won’t be able to afford to retire full time.

And … 37 percent say they’ll never retire and will work until they are too sick or die.


Planing to work until you die [or are too sick] may not be a great goal to aim for – unless you already love what you do and do not see it as work!

Many self employed people do not retire – but I think this survey used people who work for others – as that’s usually what having a job means.

For this population, working until you are too sick may not be a real option.

Will your boss keep you around if you keep missing days for illness, or are seen as “too old” or “too sick” to continue what you are doing?

And what kind of jobs will there be for those in their 80s [or older]?

If one can be found, it may be a minimum wage position and a part time one at that.

The article offers advice on planning for retirement, but that too, is not always an option in this economy.

This is why I always suggest to most everyone, that you find a home based business NOW – while you are healthy and working.

One where you are your own boss and have the potential to earn as much as you can – and maybe even QUIT your day job and enjoy what you are doing and actually have the time and money to enjoy your 80s.

I am putting together some information and will post it on another of my sites [which I am revamping.]

If you would like to be notified when it is ready leave your name and email on the form to the right

or way down at the bottom [I still need to figure out how to have it right here]



Families and Holidays: OY! Stress!!


The time that we spend hours with family…sometimes too many hours…

And sometimes we are all in the old “where-the-kids-grew-up-home.”


We often find ourselves in the midst of renewed age-old family arguments, finding new things to argue or fight about, eating too much, drinking too much, and in the total midst of being stressed out!

Isn’t this the time we are supposed to be enjoying being with our loved ones?

Stress is a normal part of life – your reaction to it is all you!

You can do many things to reduce that family stress by planning ahead and being ready with some stress-busting-skills.


I am putting a course together on stress [Stop Stressing About Stress] which should be ready before “hoilday with family season” begins.

For more information and a discount, here is a form to fill out [below]


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